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AXCID babes, our style is unique, our look is ethereal, and we bring color and beauty to every street we flutter down. We were wearing butterfly print before Mariah Carey decided it was cool, and we have the shirt to prove it. Butterflies are a motif with meaning and a timeless streetwear essential. Throw on your favorite pieces from our Fly High Butterfly collection to make a statement without saying a word.

Take on The World in Adorable Prints

There are endless ways to work the butterfly trend into your streetwear look, from bold and fierce prints to soft and subtle silhouettes. Hit refresh on ‘jeans and a nice top’ with a mesh butterfly print design. Feeling flirty and feminine? Slip on a slinky faux fur camisole. You will turn heads and look effortlessly cool in a casual butterfly print shirt with a checkered plaid or leather skirt. Step up your LBD game with a sprinkle of silver and complete the look with matching hue accessories. Whether you are going for super cute or sexy AF, the Fly High Butterfly Collection has a print that will keep you on top of your streetwear game.

Join Our AXCID World

Playful and delicate or abstract and unapologetic, your butterfly print shirt symbolizes the power and freedom intrinsic to streetwear. They say a butterfly can flutter its wings in New Mexico and cause a hurricane in China. In AXCID Shop streetwear, you’ll have a powerful effect! Every action has a reaction, so harness the energy of a butterfly print shirt by hitting Add To Cart now. You’ll be watching jaws drop later! Butterfly streetwear is officially trending. Tell a friend.